weekend festivities (that are worth blogging about)

My weekend began with these lovely ladies coming on Friday morning:

Can you tell how happy I am?!  I love these girls.  When I’m at home, I constantly take them for granted.  I get irritated with them and give them a hard time way too much, but the relationship I have with them is so amazing.  They love me for who I am (and trust me, they have seen me on my worst days), and I think we all know that no matter what we say or do to each other, we would be there for one another in a heartbeat.  So when they came to Chapel Hill on Friday, I was so excited!  We spent most of the day in my dorm room (which feels much smaller when all of us are in there), but we still had a good time.

My family decided to stop by Chapel Hill because my mom and dad were going to visit my granddad in the hospital (I will have another blog post very soon about that trip), and asked if I could hang out with the girls for a little while so they didn’t have to sit in the car.  Of course, I was more than happy to do it.  So what did we do first?  We took tons of webcam pictures!  Oh, technology these days…

Anyway, because Lauren has all of a sudden gotten old on me and is now a junior in high school, I thought it would be fun for her to stay the whole weekend with me.  She has her heart set on coming to Carolina, and she is definitely smart enough to get accepted, so she might as well get a taste for what it’s like now, right?!  I mean, we’ve been looking forward to this day for a while…

We have been Tar Heels for quite some time now...

What’s even cooler is that my friend Joseph has a sister who is the same age as Lauren and she wants to go to Carolina too!  Like, really wants to go to Carolina.  And I can totally relate, because I had my heart set on coming to this amazing school too- so we figured we would have both of them up for the weekend and then they could be best friends and future roommates! (I mean, not that we mapped out their future plans or anything…)  So Joseph’s sister Anna arrived in Chapel Hill on Friday night and we had an awesome weekend!

First of all, we all watched The Carrier Classic together, which was great because WE WON!  Not that I would expect anything less from a team as great as ours, but it was still wonderful.  Then we thought we were going to spend 11:11 on 11/11/11 watching Duke lose, but they didn’t… so ironically enough, we spent that legendary moment watching our biggest rival win a basketball game- NOT FUN.  Oh well, we tried.

Lauren, Anna, and I went back to my room after a little while and got the opportunity to talk about anything and everything, which was great because I had just met Anna so it was great getting to find out more about her.  Chelsey (my roommate) hung out with us too, so even though we planned on going to bed around 1 am, we ended up having girl talk until about 3… but hey, you can’t put a time limit on girl talk- it was totally worth it anyway.

We spent the rest of the weekend trying to cover all of the important things that people have to do when they come to Carolina… you know, drink out of the Old Well, buy a Carolina shirt, go to Franklin Street, eat in the dining hall, go to a women’s soccer game?  Wait, no, that last one is because Joseph is obsessed with the women’s soccer team, so we threw that on the itinerary just for him.  He tried to compare seeing a women’s soccer game to the importance of attending a men’s basketball game- haha, for anyone who is wondering, it’s not the same thing. :) (but for the record, we do have a great women’s soccer team- because it’s Carolina and we’re awesome at everything)

But here are some fun pictures from the Old Well!

Lauren and Anna! Future roomies for sure.


From the days of Carolina cheerleading uniforms to now... Wow, time flies. Love you Lauren!


Joseph and Anna!

Lauren and I spent Sunday by ourselves and had some sister time.  We went back up to Franklin Street and both bought these wonderful Carolina blue scarves, so I think we were pretty content with that shopping trip.  My dad was almost in Chapel Hill by that point, so we stopped by Starbucks and then walked back to get her bags so she could get home.  I was so sad to see her leave!

There are so many times that I take my sister for granted.  And there are even more times in which I see Lauren as way younger than she actually is.  But this weekend I got the opportunity to see how grown-up she truly is, and I’m just so amazed at how smart and beautiful my little sister is!  There were a lot of things that happened to me this past weekend that made me upset and could have made my weekend pretty difficult to get through, but having my sister there made everything better.  I wish I was as responsible and focused at that age as she is.  Lauren is truly a gem, and I can’t wait for her to join me at Carolina in a few years.

At times I feel so unworthy of the absolutely wonderful family that God has given me.  Seriously, when you think about these kids who are born into families who don’t care about them and don’t love them the way they deserve, it makes me so sad but it also reminds me of how truly blessed I am to have parents and siblings who care about me so much- especially throughout the times when I’m not at all easy to get along with.

Sometimes I just wonder why exactly we have to grow up? :)

Sorry for picture overload, but I felt it was necessary. :) Have a great week!

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