pinterest and procrastination.

It’s amazing what I can find when I need to procrastinate writing a 7-page paper.  Really though, the possibilities are endless.  I recently discovered Pinterest– my friends would talk about it a lot, but I just never had the desire to go check it out.  If you’re like me and enjoy finding sites that feed procrastination, this is the place… as if my Facebook and Twitter account weren’t helping me out enough.  But Pinterest is a site where people “pin” things that are interesting, fun, or just great ideas.  There are so many cool wedding ideas on there… it’s quite interesting how planned out my wedding is considering the fact that I lack the actual relationship aspect of it all- but hey, at least I’ll be well-prepared.  Check out some of these pins:

can you imagine the view from one of these houses? too cool.

I love the idea of having sparklers... like I said, I've got the wedding plans under control.

Bible verses that remind us how great our Father is.

So great for the Christmas season! I love it.

My friend is studying abroad next semester and she always pins the most amazing images of places to visit. This is in France!

If you’re not into weddings, food, or housing ideas- Pinterest might not be for you.  But I absolutely love it!

I was originally planning on talking about how excited I am for Christmas, but this post got way too long so I’ve decided to save it- but I can’t wait to share that lovely list. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy Black Friday!

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