third time’s the charm?

Now that I’ve been in school for a solid month, it’s time to finally write a post about life in Chapel Hill- for the THIRD YEAR.  Where is the time going?  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was moving into a dorm room for the first time and keeping a map in my book bag just in case I didn’t know where to go.  Good times.  Honestly, at that time I assumed that once I became a junior I’d have life a little more figured out, but in reality I still have just as many unanswered questions as I did two years ago.  The older I get the more I begin to think that no matter how many years pass by, you never truly feel like you have it all under control.  Good to know, right?  I think for me, it’s a reminder that I should probably stop trying to control everything and live in a way that pushes me to place full trust in God.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do this year- so, with that said, here’s the low down on all things junior year:

Living off campus.  When I tell people that I live in a house with 8 girls, it always seems to elicit the same response, mostly dominated by this thought of “why… would you ever choose to do that?”  What they don’t know is that I live with some of the greatest girls ever.  We live in a beautiful house with so much space, and I can’t even explain how blessed I feel to have such a great feeling of community every time I come home.  Whether it’s Saturday morning and we’re all curled up on couches watching TV or I’m supposed to be doing homework when we all congregate in the kitchen and chat for an hour, it makes me so happy to live with people who can instantly make my day better.  I love these girls!

Classes.  Yes, that sounds weird, but now that I’m actually in the journalism school at UNC, I’ve gotten the opportunity to be in classes that are actually relevant to my major.  So, instead of drowning in a sea of general education requirements, I’m learning how to apply my so-called “skills” to real life- we’ll see how that works out.  Either way, it’s refreshing to be in classes that hold my interest- here’s to hoping I learn a thing or two this semester.

for lack of a better photo, I’ll post this instagram picture I took on a night I wanted to brag about doing my homework- because obviously, my instagram followers want to know when I’m reading about communication law.

Internships.  For one of my classes this semester, I’m able to work as a public relations intern for a ministry called Agape Way.  I just got to meet with the ministry’s founder and his wife this week to talk about the overall goals of this organization, and I was so inspired by their mission and their passion for spreading the love of Christ in such a practical way.  It’s amazing how God works, because I was supposed to be working for a different organization and I ended up on this project instead.  I feel like I’m already beginning to see why I was placed here, and I cannot wait to begin working with this group.  God is so good!

Babysitting.  This year, I’ve taken on a job nannying two little girls that live down the street from me.  With the combination of this job and living in a house, I feel like I’m learning a lot about domesticity: cooking, cleaning, care taking, etc.  I guess I’m learning more in college than I bargained for?  Anyway, this job has been such a blessing.  For the past few years, my jobs have always required me to work late at night or on the weekends, but this work schedule has given me a lot more freedom- it’s hard for me to even call it a job, because the more I get to know these girls the more I love spending time with them.  And after two years of life being all about me, it’s been an interesting adjustment trying to take care of two people who have to ask your permission for everything– it’s a big responsibility sometimes!  But I love it, I really do.

another picture from the instagram files… the caption: yall. I get paid to do this.

And to get a little more specific:

Birthday Parties.  In our house, everyone’s birthdays fall during one of two times: summer or September.  Needless to say, this month has been completely crazy/so much fun as we have worked to organize parties and such.  I just turned 20 last week (while all of the other people in my house are turning 21), and my housemates did so much for me to celebrate!  It was so sweet.  In the same weekend, I was able to go home and visit my family and spend time with them as well.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend.

my housemates surprised me with birthday flowers :)

birthday dinner with the family!

Ben Rector.  Back in March, I saw Ben Rector when he opened for Needtobreathe in Charlotte.  I’ve been obsessed with his music ever since, so when I found out he was coming to Raleigh, I ordered my ticket immediately.  After anticipating his arrival for a solid month, I finally got to see him perform again this past week.  It was great!  And after my sweet friends surprised me with tickets to see Lady Antebellum this summer, I’ve officially seen my two favorite artists in concert this year!  Something to cross off of my bucket list, I guess?

he’s great.

So, there it is.  There are so many more things I could add to this list, but needless to say it’s been a great year so far.  It’s hard to believe that I’m over halfway through my college years, but I can only hope that I’ll look back and see that I made the most of such an exciting time in my life.  Here’s to making it through another year at the greatest place on earth.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest.”

-John 10:10

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