days like today.

January has always been one of those dreary-all-the-time kind of months for me. As the weather gets colder and crisper throughout the fall, I try to soak in the fun and the holidays before the dullness that is January and February hits me. And with the added layer of having to leave Charlotte after spending so much time with my family for the holidays, these cold months felt like they’d be even tougher (I know, I’m bringing you down – bear with me).

As I mentioned in my last blog post about perspective for a new year, I really want to look at my life through the lens of what God is doing more often. One of the biggest adjustments I’ve had to make this past year was our move to Richmond, where we still struggle many times to call home. But today, as we capped off our first full week back home (holidays + snow days + travel had the best of us), Jordan kept telling me that he wanted to get out and explore the city we should call our own — and wow, was it good for the soul.

It probably wasn’t the “adventure” that some would consider all that exhilarating, but as we took the time to get out of our comfy apartment and go to a place we’ve never been, try a local restaurant that was incredible (shout-out, Lulu’s) and take ourselves just ever so slightly out of our comfort zone, I was reminded that this is where the Lord has placed us for now. And we should be grateful — more than that, we should be completely in awe of how God has provided for us in terms of resources, friendships and even an incredible church that has provided direction and community that we never could have imagined when we moved.


The beauty of marriage: I ate significant amounts of both of these meals this morning.



Try Lulu’s next time you’re in the neighborhood, friends.

On our way home, Jordan and I talked about how grateful we are that life is a bit “boring” right now. Sometimes it’s lost on us how much of a blessing it is to not be overwhelmed or burdened by life, and while we know there will be times to come when the Lord has to break us to build us into something even better, I’m doing the best I can to look at this phase of life and be grateful for its simplicity and opportunities.


As I’ve said so many times before, I always look to my writing to tell a story that sometimes I just don’t know how to process otherwise. I have big hopes for how I want to share those with you on the blog this year, all the while encouraging myself and you all to think through how the Lord is working in our lives, mundane or not. Here’s to more days like today: they rock.

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