proper pie & park views.

This morning was a good one, y’all. Oddly enough, it has been a day that went not according to plan at all. While I am not one for changing plans at the last minute, I’m grateful for a husband who goes with the flow and pushes me to let go of my tightly held plans every now and then. So even though from an outside perspective today was just a Saturday in the city we call home, I feel compelled to write about it because it was good for my soul.

Without a doubt, my favorite part of traveling to any city is finding all of the local good eats. When we found out we were moving to Richmond last year, so many people told me that this place is filled with so many good restaurants. We’re slowly but surely making our way to these hot spots on the rare occasion that we eat out, and today’s visit was once again a great decision: Proper Pie Co.

Proper Pie is apparently a Richmond favorite, and just like any hidden gem it is one of those places that you would walk right by if there wasn’t a crazy long line out the door. It was delicious, though — we indulged in savory and sweet pies until we couldn’t eat any more because it was all. so. good.

Before heading back to our little corner of Richmond, Jordan indulged me by driving around according to my terrible directional skills so that we could find Jefferson Park, where you can catch a really great view of the city skyline. Thanks, love.

On our way home today, I started thinking about when Jordan and I first talked about Richmond. He had just visited for a job interview, and in my mind it never even presented itself as an option for where we would live. I wanted to play it safe and live in a pocket of North Carolina that I already knew, and I couldn’t see past that for anything. But the Lord works in amazing ways, and even from the moment we had a big discussion and decided that Richmond would be the background for our next phase of life, I’ve seen so clearly how much He has softened my heart to find joy in the new and unfamiliar.

I think that’s why days like today make me so happy — they remind me of how far we’ve come from that time when I said, “but moving there will be a last resort, right?” As I mentioned earlier, I’m not always good at letting go of plans — but I sure am grateful that I let go so that God could allow this one.

Enjoy your weekend, friends! And since it’s one of my favorite days of the year to be a Tar Heel (we take on Duke tonight in the best rivalry there ever was), I’ll leave you with this:


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