simple joys: easter weekend.

As many of you sweet, loyal readers know, I have a tendency to be a bit long-winded. The other day I was thinking about so many of the simple, joyful moments that take place throughout my life, and I don’t take a lot of time to reflect on them here because they don’t seem to be the right fit for a “standalone” blog post. So that brings me here, to what I hope is a fun, easy, lighthearted mini-series on this blog that helps me (and you!) to reflect on what are truly the “little things” in life: simple joys. Enjoy!

simple joys

  • warm weather. long gone are the days when I was hoping for snow, you guys. I sat at the pool today in shorts and a t-shirt without a care in the world. PTL we southerners have a whole six months of this bliss.
  • friday morning devotion. something about my time with the Lord on Friday mornings these past few weeks has been wonderful. Jordan works from home on Fridays, so I typically go into our bedroom and have this beautiful view of the woods and there is this level of quiet that is absolutely perfect.
  • community. Jordan and I have spent the past two nights enjoying company with people who were kind enough to open up their homes to us, and it has been so good for my soul. pouring into people and having them pour back into you is such a blessing.
  • fresh laundry. this is mostly a perk of my weekend because I spent the whole week procrastinating this chore, but nevertheless, there isn’t much that comes close to seeing an empty laundry basket + folded, clean clothes. (until next week.)
  • and, most importantly this weekend: Easter. this is more than a simple joy, it’s the ultimate joy, but it is something that is so often lost on me: God sent His Son to die a death He didn’t deserve, to pay a penalty for sin He didn’t commit. And then He rose again and defeated death, all so that we could know the Lord and know true salvation. I hope all of you are able to spend some time reflecting on this beautiful truth today, this weekend, and every day after.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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