simple joys: travel edition.

Dear seasoned travelers: this travel thing you do so frequently is an art form. Over the past few years, I’ve always felt like the Lord was easing me into the chaos and last-minute changes that come with traveling. And this past weekend was no different… which calls for the next post in the mini-series I started back in April: simple joys.

simple joys - travel edition

  • new faces. I’ve started to realize recently just how important fellowship is during this time in my life. even though I’m still not great at reaching out to new people and starting up a conversation, I love the way travel and being out of your element puts you in a position to start up a conversation and learn about someone new. I met so many new faces last week during my time in New York City, and there is such a simple happiness in learning someone else’s story.
  • vulnerability. this is one of the ironic aspects of travel to me, because there are many ways that I am much more guarded when I’m out of my comfort zone. but in the same way, you realize just how much people are willing to answer your questions and express kindness to you, and that’s a really cool thing to see and feel up close.
  • God’s provision. you guys. it is late on Friday night, my flight has been delayed until 11pm, and I’m standing in the longest line ever at the Shake Shack in JFK. I happen to look over right before I order and I see one of my friends from bible study (in Richmond!) standing in line too – and I immediately hugged her and told her that I was so happy to have someone wait out the delay with me. little did I know that 5 minutes later, the flight would get cancelled and I’d have to find a hotel and spend Saturday in a rental car on the way home… but in God’s infinite grace, He provided someone to make the unfortunate circumstances into a blessing. how amazing is that?!
  • new adventures, old memories. many of you probably know by now that New York City has a special place in my heart, so going back there for the first time since Summer Project was wonderful. I walked through Manhattan, reminisced on old times and was also able to embrace how much I have grown and changed since my time there in 2013. it’s amazing to step into the same place years later and see so clearly how the Lord has continued to work in your heart and in your life. so thank you for that, Big Apple.

xoxo- Jordan.

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