simple joys: birthday weekend.

Happy September, friends! Not sure if anyone else has felt this way, but this September has felt especially fall-ish to me. Normally it’s not until exactly October 1st that I start to revel in the beauty of fall, but something about slightly cooler temps (and possibly the EARLY arrival of everyone’s favorite #PSL) has made me kiss summer goodbye just a little bit sooner this year.

I’m still coming off of a high from all the love that was showered over me this past week as I officially left my early 20’s and rolled into the “big” 2-5, which brings me here for another post in this new series that is near and dear to my heart: simple joys.

simple joys

  • kind gestures. I am admittedly not that great at making a big deal out of birthdays. It’s something I’d like to be a bit more intentional about, and the way that so many people decided to make me feel loved and special on my birthday has amplified my desire to do that even more. From having Insomnia Cookies (and milk!) delivered to me at work to my husband driving 2 hours to meet me for a special birthday lunch, and then my sweet family making my favorite meal and spending time with me all evening, it was a true joy to be poured into by so many different people in my life – all at once! God has really been working on my heart to understand the importance of fellowship, and I saw just how fruitful it can be when people love one another well.
  • time with friends. I am learning more and more just how rare it is to have friends who are always willing to drop everything and meet up with you the minute you say you’re headed back home, and I am blessed to have quite a few of those. Jordan and I spent our entire Friday night sitting outside with friends and eating good food, and it was the most simple, perfect time together. On Saturday, some of my best friends from high school loved me enough to deal with the chaos of bringing their little ones out to eat at a restaurant just to catch up with me. Best friends of them all? Mine.
  • THOMAS RHETT. So this one seems silly, but a lot of times in my life tend to be defined by some sort of soundtrack. For those of you who haven’t jumped on the TR train yet, you need to download his brand new album Life Changes and you’ll experience the same kind of happiness I do when you play his album on repeat… a lot. My personal favorite from his new album: Marry Me.
  • a new routine. Sometimes by biggest vice is the fact that I’m stuck in a routine. As I’m sure many of you can relate, I get in the swing of going through the motions of the every day and forget about the freedom I have to do something different (well, outside of the 9-to-5 grind) if I just put some thought and energy toward it. I decided to take a long weekend for my birthday to have an extra day to myself, and I was able to spend a good majority of it serving my sister by running a ton of wedding errands that she hasn’t been able to accomplish with her schedule. It brought me joy to take to-do’s off of her plate, and it was such an easy way for me to serve her. Sometimes it’s as simple as putting ourselves in a position for the Lord to work in new ways, and it was awesome to see that come to fruition today. Also: I’m already excited to write a blog post on her wedding and it hasn’t even happened yet. Y’all just wait.

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