so long, summer rhythm.

OKAY, who else is enjoying these perfectly cool, wonderful October days as much as I am? I am the first person to mourn the ending of summer, but after so. many. days. of hot, sticky temperatures long after Labor Day, I am rejoicing in the beauty of all things fall.

Back in May when we were all running for the pool and busting out the watermelon, our church deemed the months to come as “summer rhythm” — a time when we would change the pace of our weekly bible study, participate in different activities as a church together, and so on. Since then, it’s become somewhat of an inside joke between Jordan and I to use “summer rhythm” as a universal excuse for doing what we wanted (going out to eat when we should stay in, ordering a soda when we should order water, splurging extra on vacation, and so on). The reason? We’re on summer rhythm, of course.

I’ve been somewhat hesitant to want to leave the pattern of summer rhythm, because I don’t want the feeling of dreary, cold days to seep into my heart. I want to avoid the structure of days ending early, the challenge of getting up out of bed when it’s still dark, and the true PAIN (I know, I’m a bit dramatic) of walking to my car and shivering in front of a cold steering wheel. But, as I walked outside today and felt the brisk wind hit my face, there was a warmth that filled my heart and reminded me that God created these amazingly different seasons, and we were designed to enjoy His creation. Drink the #PSL. Bake the apple pie. Jump into the pile of leaves. Rejoice in God’s creation, because it is beautiful.

Sometimes I think I’m hesitant to soak up small moments “out loud,” because there’s so much cynicism and judgment that can surround us when we choose joy in a hurting world. But as many of you have seen over my past few blog posts, I’ve been in relentless pursuit of seeking out what God is doing in the small moments… and boy, has it been glorious.

Jordan and I have packed our next few weekends with some of our favorite fall activities, which brought us to an apple orchard in Charlottesville this morning with some friends. More pictures below, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you lovely readers the overflow of joy in my heart, and remind you to embrace the season, because God is good and His world is stunning… what summer rhythm?



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