o come, all ye faithful.

Happy Cyber Monday, friends! Who is finding the best deals? Aside from the excitement that comes with finding the perfect gift for someone (or, umm, myself), I LOVE this time of year: when Christmas trees carrying years of memories become the centerpiece of living rooms, string lights bring life to even the barest parts of the neighborhood, and upbeat Christmas music is always playing in the background. It’s truly magical, and I come to appreciate it increasingly more each year.

As I’ve already told you, I began celebrating Christmas about a month earlier than what is socially acceptable (#noshame), so welcome, world, to the beauty of this holiday season! We put up our Christmas tree shortly before Thanksgiving so that we could enjoy it for a bit longer + avoid begrudgingly untangling tree limbs after a long drive back from our family’s house this past weekend, and I can’t get enough of this beautifully lit, perfectly imperfect puny Christmas tree that adorns our living room:

I honestly couldn’t help but laugh as we put this tree together for a second year, and spent most of our time trying to fluff up the branches and bend those wirey limbs just the right way to make this bargain tree from Target (s/o to Cyber Monday 2016) look like the beautiful holiday symbol that it is.

There are a lot of times when we’re in this apartment and I look forward to “someday” when our dining table fits more than just the two of us, when our bedroom closet isn’t packed with clothes AND storage boxes… when we have a home that fits a Christmas tree that is tall and full and beautiful. But for all of the times that I look forward to something more, there is far more beauty in the simplicity of now.

Sometimes when this place we call home is quiet and cozy, I take a moment to pray that no matter how much life changes in the coming years — more space, more family members, more _____ — that I’ll never look back on this time and think, “wow, how did we live in such a small space with so little?” I pray that I’ll never forget just how sweet this time in our lives really is: for all of its smallness, there is something immensely calming and perfect about it.

This past weekend, my little sister Katelyn (pictured below – is she not the cutest thing?) got discouraged when she realized that even though all of our Christmas decorations were up, we still had more than a month until she would be able to spend a Christmas morning opening up gifts. I tried to explain to her that even though Christmas morning is great, it’s these next few weeks leading up to December 25 that are the best: when we’re brainstorming gifts for friends and family, hanging a wreath on the door, watching Hallmark movies, baking cookies and so on. And honestly, what makes this time of year SO amazing is the simple fact that almost everyone decides to be a little better and care about others – and that’s all it takes. Pretty cool, no?

So for tonight and for the next month, Christmas music is on full blast and I’m soaking up as much time as possible wrapped up in the coziness of this holiday. But I hope that what this holiday means – the birth of our Savior – sits with me a lot longer. I hope it does with you, too.

Deck the halls, friends! And enjoy a few more photos from this tiny, cozy haven of ours + time spent with family this Thanksgiving:


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