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project NYC: transitioning.

Four weeks ago today, I sat in a room filled with strangers and introduced myself and talked about how excited I was to be in New York City. We asked each other the typical questions: “What school do you go to?” “Are you excited to finally be here?” “Have you ever been to the city … Continue reading

project NYC: to be offensive.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was a local and without even thinking, I answered “yes” and proceeded to give them directions to where they were trying to go. And this morning, I walked into the deli I go to every morning for coffee and the guy working already knew exactly what I wanted. While … Continue reading

project NYC: in the face of defeat.

I can’t believe that it’s already the time to say this, but we’re officially at the halfway point of our time on project. It’s going by so quickly! While there are a lot of things I miss about North Carolina (like being there to cheer our baseball team on to Omaha- go Heels!), there is … Continue reading

project NYC: changing hearts.

I think I fall more in love with New York City every day. As I go into my second week of visiting campuses and talking to students, I am continually amazed at all that God is doing in and through His people. This past week has been filled with a number of challenges and blessings. … Continue reading

project NYC: life so far.

It makes me so happy to say that I am finally in New York City! Ahh! My first few days here have been wonderful; the group of people that God has placed me with this summer is absolutely amazing, and my experience so far has truly been unprecedented. Before I dive into everything that God … Continue reading

project NYC: pre-project thoughts.

Well, I’m in the final days of being at home before I head off to New York City on Summer Project, and all I really know to say is that I can’t believe the time has finally come.  While I wish my adventurous side was a little more, well, adventurous, the reality is that I … Continue reading